Wednesday, March 3, 2021

It is March 2021

It is March 2021. Where has the time gone. We are in our second year of living with Covid. Life has changed but our need and desire to do what we love and to make what we love is ever present, maybe even more so.

I have found myself unexpectedly unemployed at the present time and I am taking a few weeks’ break before I start looking for employment, which at 57 and living in a small rural town will not be easy to find. I finished work at the end of January so one month has already vanished. 

My 18 year old daughter has also left school having completed Year 13 and has also finished as a dance student which has also freed up time, so I suddenly find myself in a position where I have some spare time to be creative.

I have sorted out my craft room and have taken stock of what I have – so many UFOs (unfinished objects) and a huge wish list of things I would like to do.

My dolls house miniatures are still packed in boxes out in the shed (we moved to our current address in May last year) and I have yet to decide how much they will play a part in my creative future, although I anticipate wanting to do dolls house miniatures in the form of quilting, embroidery etc so my Myrtle Manor blog will hopefully still get some love at times. I also love hunting out vintage dolls house items.

So what am I ‘making’ in 2021. Last year I made the mistake of trying a little cross stitch project and discovered Flosstube (part of YouTube dedicated to cross stitch). I have fallen hard. I now have quite a collection of WIPs (works in progress). I did try a little bit of cross stitch in my late teens but it wasn’t my thing at the time. I can’t believe how far it has come in the last few decades and just what is available now as far as designs, fabric and floss and the great on-line cross stitch community.

Some cross stitch projects I have completed:

Bahhh Humbug
Designer: Calico Confectionery

Winter Cardinal Etching
Designer: Heart in Hand Needleart

The Rabbit is based on a free chart from 
The Little Stitcher with slight changes to his shape

I am also keen to get back into bookmaking, specifically to create a journal to put small cross stitch items into like a scrapbook. The cardinal etching above will go into that.

I also do a bit of quilting/sewing. My interest is mostly in art quilting and I look forward to experimenting with some different techniques including paint, dyeing, stitch, beading etc. I also enjoy English paper piecing and want to have a go at making some bags.

A small (almost finished) art quilt ‘Tribute to Clarice Cliff’:

I am currently teaching myself to crochet using an on-line tutorial to have a go at some different stitches. Ultimately I hope to do finer crochet work for edgings and embellishments for my art quilts etc.

I saw someone using a large cotton reel recently as a scissor holder on a flosstube video so I had to copy. Isn’t this the cutest thing:

I am also quite keen to look at using recycling items to make things, especially denim jeans and old doilies etc. I am currently working on a snippet roll which I will fill with stitching, embroidery and different embellishments over time. The base is made from denim jeans and small bits of hand dyed lace findings.


I will introduce other works in progress as we go along. So watch this space, let’s see where this bit of free time and my creative experimentations will take me.

 As far as my personal life my word for this year is:


I have a bit of time up my sleeve to think about my health and weight and make these things a priority which will hopefully also give me more creative energy.


  1. Clarice Cliff, that is stunning. I hope you get some time before a job comes on the horizon, we, too, in a small rural town find life is safer here, but employment is limited. But at well over the 65 age, and venturing into what some would call " Very old age" I am aware of the threats of Covid 19 looming, we avoid cafes, cinemas. do not fly, and have no wish to go overseas, even if it was feasible. Hang in there, be creative, and enjoy the time at home.

    1. Thank you and it is lovely to hear from you. I am quite happy to just stay at home for a while and be creative. Unfortunately with my daughter thinking of going to University next year it is a bit too soon for an early retirement.