Saturday, December 30, 2017

Starting Over ... Again

Welcome to 12Create, my blog where I will be exploring creativity in general, exploring my creativity, drawling over other people's creativity and hopefully being very creative.

I used to blog a lot and loved it but eventually the blogging took over and the creativity (other than my blog) effectively ceased to the point where it just became too much.

This time I hope to get a good balance and my blog will be more pictures and less words.

I have dabbled in many crafts in the past... porcelain and fabric doll making, bear making, bookbinding and book arts, photography, dolls house miniatures, quilting and embroidery to mention a few and there are many crafts I want to explore. In particular on my to-do list at the moment is to develop my knitting skills and learn to crochet and further explore quilting and textile art. So who knows where 2018 will take me creatively... possibly in a direction I can't even imagine at the moment.

I have decided to listen to my 'inner creative' and will spent 2018 just being creative doing whatever it is that inspires me at any one time - no limits, no 'have to do' lists. I give myself the freedom to ignore unfinished objects if that is not what is inspiring me creatively and start something totally different.

One thing I do wish to complete is this quilt. I meet with a lovely group of ladies on a Monday night where we sit and stitch and chat. This year our challenge was a strip pieced quilt and this is my quilt so far. The jelly roll was an unexpected gift from my husband for our 17th wedding anniversary.

As part of my Christmas present this year my husband Pete and daughter Jamie selected 20 fabrics which they thought I would like (William Morris type fabrics) and had them cut into 2 1/2 inch strips. Such a special gift. I am looking forward to creating something with them - possibly a bag or a table centre.

Well it is time to be creative now. I will be back in the New Year hopefully with some show and tell.

If you want to have a look at my dolls house miniatures blog Myrtle Manor Miniatures (not currently active) you can follow this link:

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