Saturday, December 30, 2017


No, the heading is not a spelling mistake.

This is Cameleon the Camel. 

He was a UFO (unfinished object) I decided to complete last year. He had been waiting for about 11 years for me to finish him. Trouble is he largely looked finished. Nobody really noticed that his ears, tail and neck and nose bands were just pinned on or that his felt sack didn't have a fastener. 

Sadly it really didn't take me that long to finish him once I made the decision to do so. I'm so sorry Cameleon for making you wait so long.

When I told my husband I had finally finished the camel he said it was a wonder it hadn't collapsed with shock.

I made the camel at a workshop with a lady called Felicity Willis all those years ago. I used a scrap of upholstory fabric to make him. After the workshop I then promptly made his cover and felted his side sack and added a little pot and urn I found at an op shop. The beading under his chin is from a keyring I found... and there he sat for approximately 11 years unfinished.

Love him.


  1. He is totally gorgeous!!! And the wait was so worth it for him, Cameleon, you are the best guy in town!!! Merry Christmas Sharee, hope the New year brings along all you want and need for 2018. XXX

    1. Thank you Nancy. I made him so many years ago now but I would love to make another one at some stage. One of my favourite makes over the years.