Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Is Here

Well it has been almost half a year since I last did a post. I have decided I am ready to get back into blogging.

I have also decided I want this blog to be about anything and everything but most especially my creative pursuits.

In about May this year I joined a local quilting group called Material Girls. We meet on a Monday night at 7pm and sit, stitch, chat and have supper together until we head home about 9.30pm and sometimes later. This year we have had a challenge of making a Christmas decoration each month. Below are the decorations I have made. There are still a couple on my to-do list.

Below are some stitcheries that haven't quite made it into decoration form yet - work in progress.

Something else that has kept me busy this year is supporting my daughter in her dance endeavours and playing the role of 'dance mum'. She has had a really good year and has really stepped up her dancing and my husband and I are proud of her efforts and enjoy travelling to comps and other events with her. The highlight of her year was getting distinction in her Elementary Jazz exam and being nominated by the examiner to attend nationals in October which was a great experience for her. At her dance academy wind-up earlier this month she also received a trophy for most versatile dancer. Before this year she had only ever received one dance trophy when she was about 7 years old. This year (now aged 14) she has received three over the course of the year - so proud of her and so happy for her.

Finally I have embarked on a weight loss journey. I have been overweight/obese for most of my life and I have decided it is time to make my health and wellbeing a priority. I joined Weight Watchers on-line six weeks ago and have so far lost 9 kgs. I am going to relax a bit tomorrow, Christmas Day, but will then get straight back on track. As well as watching what I am eating I am using my Fitbit to motivate me to go for walks to get my step count up. I have a couple of weeks off over Christmas and I am going to experiment with some new healthy recipes as well as try some other forms of exercise.

I wish you all a lovely Christmas.


  1. Good to hear from you, Sharee... and to see you're fine being a proud Mom of a talented dancer, a brave struggler against the nasty pounds on your hips and crafting along. What a lovely way to decorate the tree with self made ornaments. Merry Christmas to you and yours and best wishes for the New Year.


  2. Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2017 Sharee :0) Glad to see you and your mojo back

  3. Merry Christmas - and welcome back to blogging!
    I do like your Christmas ornaments - especially the little caravan!

  4. Hi Sharee! How wonderful to hear about your daughter winning her dance trophies! The photos are lovely and I know that you must be a proud mum! :D
    Also good on you for taking the plunge towards better health. I know that this is such a horrible time of year to exercise restraint but I applaud your resolve to stay the course.
    Blessings to you and your family this Christmas Season and may 2017 be FILLED with Crafts and Creativity too!


  5. Hi Sharee, Christmas greetings to you all. Love those decorations, your daughter's wonderful progress, and trophy. Well done!!! And the weight loss, another hurdle you are jumping so well. Hope we get to meet in 2017.